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Proven life cycle design tools that project leaders, sustainability managers, consultants and project engineers can rely on. Explore our range of carbon management tools that make design optioneering straight forward.


Dynamic and scalable life cycle assessment software and comprehensive carbon management software made easy for large complex projects.



Optimise the whole of life carbon cost of your next housing project.



Success Stories

eTool is paving the way for the next era in sustainable development with their innovative eToolLCD software

Hannah Morton

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Using eTool made what would have been a very complex process manageable and added valuable information to the project.

Richard Stokes

Sustainability Consultant

I highly recommend integrating eTool at earliest project stages to support systems thinking and inform decisions.

Patrick Jeannerat

Sustainability Manager 

eTool increasingly has more data in it that we can use as baselines… eTool gives us that capability for the designers to optimise their designs linking into Autodesk and other CAD based models… We [also] have some big plans to do that in HS2 in terms of turning the outputs from eTool into our digital twin so that everybody has access to that data and that it’s meaningful to them. [This way it] can spark the right types of conversations about reducing carbon and net zero and make it more inclusive.

Mark Fenton

Carbon Manager & Technical Services Director

eTool’s Life Cycle Assessment helped us understand how future impacts from energy, water, materials, recycling and waste will influence Greenhouse Gas emissions and the whole-of-life costs of our project. It enabled us to identify and compare different options to support informed decision-making with our Alliance partners and our target of a sustainable, Green Star certified railway station.

Caroline Minton

Sustainability Lead