Accelerate net zero delivery with the smarter life cycle assessment tool

Join the teams that are
serious about carbon savings

Zero Carbon, Zero Compromise

Empowering you to design net zero buildings and infrastructure.

Get the big picture of your project’s operational and embodied carbon emissions
with whole-of-life environmental impact assessments.

And let our trusted software help you plan, design and construct – with smarter carbon reductions.

Business Case

Strategic & tactical decision making
Reduce unnecessary capital costs
Manage risks of poor results
Improve efficiency & collaboration

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Deep Dive
Into Net Zero

Uncover net zero solutions
Make informed decisions
Empower sustainability strategies
Streamline whole-of-life carbon analysis

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Trusted by World Leading Customers

Proven results by leading companies
Trusted globally by forward-thinking companies
Real-world impacts demonstrated
Sustainability at the core of operations

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Deep dive into low carbon and net zero design today

Avoid more carbon with eTool templates

Improve design strategies with the powerful and unique templates system.
Templates speak the language of construction, help bridge project data gaps and increase accuracy.
Explore an extensive library that is easy to maintain and customise.

And let our trusted software help you plan, design and construct – with smarter carbon reductions

Confident Compliance

eTool provides a more accurate and reliable analysis, with robust quality assurance and genuine standard alignment.

Design Certification Service

Access to third party verification from our in-house LCA coaches

EN/ISO/PAS Standards

Life Cycle Assessment
Infrastructure Carbon
Information Security
Sustainability of Construction
Sustainability in Buildings and Civil Engineering

EN 15978 | ISO 140440
PAS 2080
ISO 27001
EN 15804 | EN 15978
ISO 21930

Rating Schemes

Compliant to planning policies and internationally recognised rating schemes across Australia, America, Europe and New Zealand for Buildings and Infrastructure.

Using eTool made what would have been a very complex process manageable and added valuable information to the project.

Richard Stokes
Sustainability Consultant, ARUP