Our values guide our decisions, our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these five values remain constant.

Passion for the planet

We care deeply for our planet and its citizens. 

It’s at the heart of everything we do.

By channelling our purpose and passion, we help to solve climate change by reducing the environmental impact of built forms. 

After all, there’s no ‘Planet B’.

Empathy & Humility

Life is full of choices.

We choose to demonstrate humility by listening, respecting and supporting our customers and each other. 

It’s our vote for a better world. 


Integrity defines our work and who we are.

As people, we are honest, authentic and accountable – over-selling isn’t our way.

We communicate with respect internally and with our partners, exceeding our word and holding each other to a high standard. 

To affect the change we want, we must stick to science, and the facts, as we learn and evolve from our mistakes.


Remaining agile is key in an evolving world.

To keep up with the pace of change, we must stay curious, actively seek feedback and bring a playful attitude to work.

Adapting and remaining innovative is crucial to our business, and by collaborating as a team, we can solve the world’s biggest problems together.


Courage is facing a challenge but acting anyway.  

We encourage big dreams, initiative and challenging the status quo – despite the obstacles. 

As leaders in our field, we light the way forward, staying true to our values, and inspiring others to push their boundaries.



Join us on our mission to improve environmental performance.