Pembroke Square

Project Details

  • Client:  Hammerson
  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Dundrum, Ireland
  • Date: December 2019
  • Estimated Lifespan: 60 years
  • LCA authored by Gabby Shaw and Pat Hermon from Cerclos

We completed both a life-cycle environmental and life-cycle cost assessment of the Pembroke Square, Dundrum on a consulting basis.  Developed by Hammerson the project centres around the opening of Fallon & Byrne’s flagship food hall, deli and restaurant but also includes plans to create a gastronomic hub and markets. The speciality food hall is supplemented by a 6,000 sqft public space designed for open-air markets, a space for a separate restaurant and a basement leisure facility.

The project is designed to be Ireland’s first building energy rating A, nearly zero energy building and targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating and highlights Hammersons Net Positive Objectives.

Project Features

Contributing to the BREEAM rating were the LCA and LCC studies completed at both stage 2 and stage 4.  Some of the key features contributing towards a significant improvement in life cycle environmental performance were the following:

StrategyPercentage improvement in GWP against the baseline
Basement Removal-6.19%
Reclaimed Slate Roof Tiles-3.04%
Granular Fill to Basement-0.96%
Solar PV (8kW Grid Connected)-0.30%
30% GGBS cement replacement-0.11%
Reclaimed Bricks-0.04%
Replacement: Plasterboard finish for timber-0.02%
Low Impact Carpets-0.01%

Results Summary

Full LCA (Stage A1-C4) of the building including substructure, superstructure, internal finishes, external works, people and equipment, operational energy and water.

Project impacts over 60 year life cycle (assuming todays grid applied throughout)

Impact CategoryUnitLife Cycle Quantity
Stage (A-C)
Global Warming Potentialkg CO2e / m2 (GFA)13,000
Acidificationkg SO2e / m2 (GFA)62.6
Eutrophicationkg PO4e / m2 (GFA)18.5
POCP (summer smog)kg ethylene / m2 (GFA)4.42
Ozonekg CFC-11 eq / m2 (GFA)0.0006