Landmark Court

Landmark Court

Experienced LCA assessors AECOM completed a life-cycle environmental assessment of Landmark Court in Southwark.  A mixed use scheme, the development provides workspace, a shared tenure residential building, a restored historic building, restaurants, shops and a market amidst a network of new streets.

The project is targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating, and will incorporate highly efficient building fabric, air source heat pumps and renewable energy generation in the form of rooftop PV panels to minimise energy demand and CO2 emissions.

The LCA was modelled to BREEAM UK NC 2018 criteria, and has achieved the options appraisal credits for superstructure, substructure and hard landscaping at concept design.

Superstructure options appraised included:

  1. Post-tensioned concrete flat slabs on concrete frame vs. Composite concrete deck on a steel frame vs. Cross Laminated Timber floor slabs
  2. Aluminium framed windows vs. aluminium clad timber frame windows vs. timber frame windows

Substructure and hard landscaping options appraised included:

  1. Shallow reinforced concrete piles, stone column ground improvement piles and a concrete raft slab; vs. to deep bored concrete piles and a concrete transfer slab.
  2. York Sone paving vs. granite setts vs reclaimed paving hard landscaping

AECOM will go on to revisit and repeat this process for BREEAM UK NC 2018 criteria at technical design to help consider material/products level alternatives to help inform the design team on the environmental impact of these more detailed design decisions.

  • LCA Assessor: AECOM
  • Scheme: BREEAM NC 2018 (NC)
  • Gross Floor Area: 26,511m2
  • Net lettable Area: 18,777m2
  • Client: U+I
  • Architect: Allies and Morrison
  • Date: March 2019
  • Location: Southwark, London

Results Summary

Partial LCA of the building including BREEAM 2018 scope only – substructure, superstructure, landscaping, people and equipment.  Operational energy and water have not been included.

LCA Stages A1-C4 (not including B6 & B7)

Project impacts over 60 year life cycle (assuming todays grid applied throughout)

Impact CategoryUnitLife Cycle Quantity
Stage (A-C)
Global Warming Potentialkg CO2e / m2 (GFA)941
Acidificationkg SO2e / m2 (GFA)2.85
Eutrophicationkg PO4e / m2 (GFA)1.05
POCP (summer smog)kg ethylene / m2 (GFA)0.47
Ozonekg CFC-11 eq / m2 (GFA)0.0000416

Project GWP Impacts over 60-year life cycle (BREEAM 2018 scope).