Bayswater Station – Concept Design

Bayswater Station – Concept Design

  • Client: The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA WA)
  • Project Location: North-East Perth, Western Australia
  • Date: October 2019

The new Bayswater Station project will become a key METRONET precinct with the Midland Line, Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley-Ellenbrook Line connections, giving people the option to travel to the Airport, Swan Valley tourist region, the CBD and beyond.

The key features of the project include:

  • constructing a new four-platform station long enough to accommodate six-car trains on a higher rail bridge over King William-Coode streets
  • Additional rail infrastructure between Bayswater and Meltham stations
  • Whatley Crescent-Beechboro Road South connection under the railway
  • Integrating bus services with the local road network
  • Building an elevated Principal Shared Path along the Whatley Crescent side of the rail bridge
  • Upgrading the pedestrian underpass at Leake Street

eTool were engaged by the PTA WA to perform a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) at the Concept Design stage of the new Bayswater Station and surrounding railway infrastructure. The modelling helped identify key environmental impact areas for the project over its estimated 120 years lifespan.

LCA Scope

eTool was tasked to provide LCA of the station Concept Design as part of the METRONET Sustainability Strategy 2019-2022, which requires the integration of life cycle design into the planning process of METRONET projects.

The Scope of the LCA included all works associated with:

  • Entry buildings for the station, including retail tenancies and plant room
  • The station platform
  • Bridge works
  • Rerouting of the Principal Shared Path (PSP)
  • New railway infrastructure (including track, sleepers, ballast, signalling, etc.) for the station as well as a turnback facility
  • Lighting
  • Other operational energy and water
  • Additional civil works including bulk earthworks, modifications to the surrounding road network and a new bus laydown area.

Results Summary