About Cerclos

Cerclos is a global leader in optimising sustainable design of the built environment. Through our unique Life Cycle Assessment software, we provide you with the tools, services and information to design and build with the lowest environmental impact whilst ensuring the very best return on investment.

As the built environment is responsible for more than 35% of the world’s carbon footprint and we are moving towards a more sustainable low carbon economy, it’s imperative that design tools are available that provide quantifiable environmental improvements that are economically viable, we do just this.


A fun and fulfilling future in balance with the planet.

This is effectively why we are doing what we do.  It is the ideal state we are pushing for.   It provides the business with scope to evolve in the future.  It’s something we can always refer to when trying to make complex decisions that may require a very broad consideration by asking ourselves “which direction best aligns with our vision”.


Improve the environmental performance of the built form.

As we can’t realise the vision by ourselves, we need to focus on doing our part.  The mission statement encapsulates exactly how we are helping the broader community move towards the vision.  It provides us with focus which is really important for ensuring we perform effectively.  


Our core values motivate us to do what we love, and to make an impact in protecting our planet. They shape our organisation, make us who we are and are the foundation for our decision making.

  • Passion for the Planet 
  • Integrity 
  • Empathy & Humility 
  • Courage 
  • Agility


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